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As a NJ Licensed Real Estate Broker and being a RE/MAX Franchise Owner, I devote most of my life to this amazing industry because I love what I do. To be in this business it take a person with a high level of energy and a devotion like no other. I definitly have a different way of marketing and selling than most. I make sure my listings are able to bring the most value prior to going live on the MLS. (Even if that means, doing the work myself) I like to make sure my clients dont leave any money on the table, for something that wouldnt take much to do. A little hard work goes a long way. Coming from immigrant Portuguese parents, who were also self employed all I ever knew was hard work. I am not scared to put the hard work and time in, I am not shy, I tell my clients what they need to know to do my job the best I can. I like to insure they are making the most they can on their sale. Call me today for a FREE Current Market Analysis!!

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